Blast Off

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    Sequin Appliqué T-shirt

    £22.00 £15.40

    …for intergalactic adventures in this colour-and-sequin-packed long-sleeved T-shirt. It's so bright and glittery it can (almost) be seen from space. Plus the jersey is cosy enough to keep Mini astronauts warm in other galaxies. It'll soon become a firm favourite to throw on just before blast off.

    • Sequin logo
    • 100% cotton
    • Machine washable

    Space Adventure T-shirt


    Never mind space suits, real cosmonauts know that this supersoft T-shirt is where it's at. As well as astro-inspired prints, it has double-cuff detailing for a layered look without any fuss. Fire up the rocket, it's time for blast off.

    • Printed logo
    • 100% cotton
    • Machine washable